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Anne Hean – Principal

It has been my privilege to be the Principal of this community school for the last 32+ years……. I am a teacher because I am passionate about creating a world inheritable to our children – a world that works, with no-one left out.  I believe in our country, we have an incredible opportunity to do just that.

I also believe EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is just as important as IQ.  It is my intention to equip each child with the necessary life skills and self-esteem to thrive.

It is my belief that healthy family values and conscious parenting and teaching are the cornerstones of our society, and therein, the community life of our school is vitally important.

If we all work together, it will benefit our children, our families and ultimately, our country and the world in which we live.

Let’s do it!

Red Group – Grade R – Miss Celiwe


Q. Why did you become a teacher?


My name is Celiwe Prudence Shabalala. I was born in a place called Ixopo. I am from an unfortunate family but that did not stop me from Persuing my dream of becoming a teacher one day.  I was in grade 4 when I started dreaming. My class teacher back then was a great inspiration and she made me realize that my talent is within developing young minds. She was a great role model and I believe she’s still does. From then I wanted to be like her even at home I used to imitate her (teaching my dolls) and my mother used to laugh at me.  The love of children grew even more when I was at high school and at church. I was a Sunday school teacher assistant. Then I promised myself that one day I will become a professional teacher.  After matric all I wanted was to persue  my dream of becoming a teacher but it wasn’t that easy, after a couple of years I registered with Unisa to study and from then I never stopped. I kept on pushing till today and I am proud to say my dream has been fulfilled. I am now a professional teacher with a degree. Being at the university has taught me so much through the eyes of the children as well as working with them over the years.Working with children is such a great blessing that is why I believe that teaching shouldn’t be a career choice  but is a calling. A teacher should be able to love unconditionally and be able to develop the young minds and be proud of the great outcomes.

Orange Group – “Miss Sally”

Miss Sally

Q. Why did you become a teacher?

A.  After School I wanted to study to be a teacher but I wasn’t quite sure so I didnt do it, years have gone by and have had my 2 daughters when I decided I needed to go back to work, an assistant teachers job was available at Assumption and I thought why not!  Since then I have grown to really love what I do.  It is very hard work but so rewarding when you see that smile on a child’s face when they get what you have just taught them.  when I started working, I started studying part time through Caversahm and am now a qualified pre-school teacher who truely believes in the Caversham way that children learn through play.  It is amazing how they do just that.

Yellow Group – “Miss Kerry”

Q. Why did you become a teacher?

A.  As a child I was always the teacher, the one who would be in charge and lend a helping hand whenever and to whomever needed it.  Being an educator like many other professions is a passion.  Any person can be taught to be an educator but the amazing educator is one how is born and not taught.  I became an educator not for the fact that I chose the profession but because it chose me.  There is no greater joy than seeing life through the innocence of a child’s eyes, their smile and pure love for you.  Being the amazing educator will no doubt mould your learners into the best adults they can be.  Watching the fruits of your labour blossoming into amazing young adults is by far the best gift!  If you want to inspire, lend a helping hand.  If you wnat to mend a broken heart begin with compassion and a smile, if you want to do this all while being a friend and role model, be an Educator!

Blue Group –  “Miss Precious”

Miss Precious

Q. Why did you become a teacher?


Purple Group – “Miss Maureen”
Miss Maureen

Teacher Assistants

Red Group – Miss Janine

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Orange Group – Miss Victoria

Miss Victoria

Yellow Group – Miss Primrose

Miss Primrose